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The Bubba Staff Identify
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The Bubba Staff Identify

Staff Bubba was conceived inside the mid-90s (sure, we are literally outdated) by a small group on Sign Mountain. Amongst them had been Sandy Sharp and Dave Ward who proceed to experience with Bubba from time-to-time on Sundays. Staff Bubba was began as a heckle. On the time, a Chattanooga girls’s race workforce had been going for a few years referred to as Staff Peggy. The Staff Peggy kits included the assertion “Trip Like a Lady”. This assertion demanded a response from Sandy whose spouse Joni was a Cat. III rider with Staff Peggy - and Staff Bubba was born along with Bubba’s signature phrase “Whine Like a Man”. The Bubba workforce title, jersey design and motto have been all regarding the heckle. The graphic design for first Bubba jersey was supplied free of charge by Steve West, a closely tattooed bike owner who as soon as sailed into the woods on the Sawyer Street descent - and lived to inform about it.

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