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A Coast Guard Captain can Halt
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A Coast Guard Captain can Halt

For over 230 years, the Coast Guard has been accountable for defending the American folks from all maritime threats whereas selling nationwide and border security. The Coast Guard has a patchwork of options, duties and tasks. Greater than 50,000 members operate first responders, rescuing Individuals and foreigners stranded at sea; securing America's coastlines from enemies; inspecting service provider vessels; seeking drug smugglers at sea and a number of different duties. Coast Guard members moreover serve in instances of conflict or when directed by the president. The Coast Guard's mishmash job description stems from the truth that the service itself is a conglomeration of different authorities companies which have been included over the centuries.S. Ensuring transport firms pay all the suitable tariffs and taxes on objects they ship into the US. The Coast Guard facilitates motion of $15.6 billion worth of products and commodities by the nation's Maritime Transportation System on a median day.

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